Saturday, March 10, 2007

Poor Evan got a cold for his birthday. He didn't seem to mind it yesterday, but today it's kicking his butt. Of course now I am terrified that Lauren is going to end up with it since Evan is ALWAYS kissing on her. UGH. We were going to go to the park with a friend and her daughter, but he seems so miserable I thought we should skip it. (and of course it's in the mid 60's here today!)
Dh worked last night, so I had no help at all with the kids. It wouldn't have been too bad, except that Evan got up too last night. I was feeding Lauren and heard him out of his room, so finally I called him into my room and told him to get in my bed. Of course it was mostly so I knew where he was and what he was doing, but I also wanted him to go back to sleep. So he spent the rest of the night in mommy's bed. I just took him upstairs to take his nap today, and he instantly said he wanted to sleep in mommy's bed. UGH, I am in trouble tonite (and yes, dh is working overnight again.) Wish me luck.


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