Friday, May 12, 2006

Evan has a black eye. Poor little guy looks rough. We went to the park yesterday to meet a friend and her dd. We were pretty much the only people there because it was overcast, and had been drizzling off and on (but it didn't rain AT the park, just on the way to it). There is one of those merry go round things there, and he was spinning it around (not on it, just walking around beside it, spinning it). He tripped over his own feet, and I saw his FACE hit the deck of the merry go round, and BOUNCE off. He hit the ground screaming. I ran over there, fully expecting to see LOTS of blood. I could instantly see a huge knot forming right beside his eye, with a big purple line through it, but no blood. I picked him up, and calmed him down, and he was over it in less than five minutes. He jumped back down, and went off to play again. I kept touching his eye, to make sure there were no cracked bones, and he would whine and turn away, but not scream or anything. The kid is going to give me a heart attack. It doesn't seem to bother him, but his eyelid is totally purple today, and he still has a 2 inch long diagonal line on the corner of his eye where he hit (that's nice and purple too)and it still looks a little swollen. But he seems ok. That's the important thing.


I am thinking of Cathy and Steve today, as they bury their son Travis. No one should ever have to bury one son, much less *2*. Sending all of my love, and wishing I could do more...........


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