Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dragonflies and Stealth Bombers

We took Evan to the air show today. He absolutely loves planes, so when we heard about the air show at the Air force base, we were all for it. It was really a good show actually, with lots of planes on display, and several that Evan could go onto and even see the cockpits. The cockpits were the best. He would push EVERY button (YIKES!) he could. Trying to get him back OUT was the issue. He threw at least one tantrum. We were there for about 3 hours, and then Evan hit meltdown mode, so we left. I think it was a mixture of the noise of the new Raptor jets and the sun in his eyes that did him in. He just got to the point where he was crying and saying "hold you, mommy" and when I picked him up, he would bury his face in my shoulder. He was totally impressed with the Stealth bomber though, and honestly, so was I.

While we were sitting on the ground, eating our lunch and watching the planes, there was this dragonfly that just kept coming back to us over and over. We saw TONS of butterflies, but this was the only dragonfly. Thank you Caleb.

I missed him so much today (and every day). I would have done anything to have both of my boys there. To see their eyes light up as they point to the sky saying "airplane, airplane!!" I would have done anything to have to push a huge double stroller. Anything to have both of my boys to keep track of. Boys love planes, and I would have loved to show them to him. God how I miss him.


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