Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tantrums, Baby making, and Cousin's in Law

We had an insanely rough day here today with Evan. It seems he has hit the terrible 2's, with FULL force. He won't hesitate to throw himself on the floor, and scream like he is being beaten for the simplest of things. Like not giving him a *4th* slice of cheese. Tonight, it was something about dinner. Not sure exactly WHAT the issue was, honestly. We had spaghetti, which he loves. We were sitting at the table, with him in his booster seat. He had a bowl of pineapple chunks, and a bowl of spaghetti. He ate a few bites of pineapple, and then decided to put it in the spaghetti. Dh grabbed the bowl, so he coudn't dump them together, and that set Evan off. He started screaming like he was hurt. I thought it was possible that he WAS hurt, since his seat is at the section of the table with the fold out leaf, and it has little metal bars that hold it up, I thought maybe he had bumped his leg on it, or something. So I got him out of his seat. I KNEW better. At that point, he wanted to play in my food, and dump his food on me. I stuck him back in the booster and listened to him scream while I shoveled my food down. Good times. Bed time was not much better. In fact, he just stopped screaming a few minutes ago.

The effectiveness of the OPK's is yet to be seen, but I got a definate positive yesterday, and a VERY faint line today, so it looks like I actually caught my surge. Now lets just hope we catch that egg. I think we are going to bd again tonite, just to make sure. I am SO sick of bd at this point. I actually think dh might be sick of it too. Please God let this be our month.

Dinner with dh's cousin, and his wife wasn't bad. It wasn't really great either though. His wife is just such an idiot, I can't deal with her for long. She was complaining about having nothing to do, and she said she literally sleeps the whole time Danny is at work, so I told her she could always call me and we could do something. I only offered because I feel pretty sure she won't call. I did a fair amount of pg talk, but I don't think she really wants to hear about delivery, etc, from someone with a dead baby. I guess I can't really blame her on that one. I asked if they had everything they need, and she said they wanted to get "one of those chairs that bounce and vibrate" because she liked things that vibrated when she was a baby. And she also thought that the baby might like to sit in it sometimes when he wants to watch tv. We were also told that we are expected to be at the hospital when the baby is born since they are having the baby here in our town. Not so sure what I think about that one. It's a baby boy, and honestly, the only newborn baby boy I have held since Caleb was Evan. We'll see though, if they even bother to call us.


At 11:38 AM, Blogger kate said...

Oh boy, those terrible twos are a tough time indeed. *this too shall pass*

I am hoping that this is your month too!

At 5:52 PM, Blogger lauralu said...

it must be shocking to experience your darling angel suddenly expressing his inner devil! i hope for your sake it passes quickly. and if not, i wish you good meds.

At 9:07 PM, Blogger Serenity Now said...

Every time I hear someone mention those "vibrating chairs" I think about Sex & the City when Samantha used her vibrator for the vibration for Miranda's kid. Loved that. I think you should get them that :) It's a present for mom AND baby!

I hope this is your month.


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