Thursday, March 23, 2006

After reading Rachel's post about Portrait Innovations, I was inspired to write about what happened with Evan's portraits at Sears. I went to pick up his 2 year portraits yesterday, and of course was assaulted with the 3 extra spec sheets they print up. In case you don't know, these are 3 portrait sheets that the company makes, hoping you will like them, and spend even more than you already spent. They shove them in your face, and talk about how great they are, and how they are only $14.99 for ALL THREE sheets! What a bargain! So anyway, I was tempted to be honest. They made a couple of my portraits into black and whites, and they did look very nice, but let's face it, I had already spent $160 or so. I decided not to get them. The thing was, while I was deciding if I wanted them or not, the sales person/ photographer was flipping through the ones I had ordered. I was half paying attention to her. I had Evan with me, and was trying to keep up with him. So I told her I didn't want the spec sheets, and then Evan and I left. When I got home, I was flipping through the portraits, showing dh, and I realized that HALF of my order was not there. I ws competely missing one pose, and only had another in Sepia tones, when I wanted it in color TOO. I looked over my reciept, and couldn't tell if I had paid for them or not. She charged me for a collection, instead of by the sheet, so I had no idea how many sheets were supposed to be in that collection. I looked online, thinking I would just order the missing photos from the website, since they are available to order for 6 months after your session, but they were $15 A SHEET!! There was no way I was paying that price just because they were ordered after the session, especially since we TRIED to order them while we were in the store the day the portraits were taken. (at only $3.99 a sheet) I called the store, and of course the photographer was the only person in the store, and she was busy trying to photograph a 1 year old, so she said she would do some research, and call me back. 2 hours passed. No phone call. I had to run to the post office, and dh was home to watch Evan, so I went back to Sears. I showed the photographer there the reciept, and the printout of my order (the portraits I was missing was not on my printout, so you couldn't tell I was missing anything). She looked at my reciept, and I had paid for 5 additional sheets that I did not get. Good thing I brought it in for her to see! We ordered 5 sheets of the missing poses, and I wasnt charged anything additional. Of course now I have to wait until April 4th to get the rest of my pics back. But at least they admitted they screwed up somewhere, and are making it right.

(by the way, I will most likely have the pics scanned and on his website by tomorrow if you are curious.)


At 3:35 PM, Blogger R said...

I want to see I want to see! Aren't those places a PAIN?


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