Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dh called his cousin tonight finally, to see if they had gotten bottles for their baby, due in May. I HATE his wife. She literally makes me sick. I don't know what it is about her, but she just really rubs me the wrong way, more than anyone else has in a long time. She has never done anything TO me, but I just can't stand her. But the thing is, I really like dh's cousin. Danny is a pretty good guy, and I think he got suckered in to this marriage. I am pretty sure she got pg on purpose, just to get him to marry her after 4 months of dating (3 of those months he was in Panama!)
So anyway, they are pretty broke (like us) and I know they need help, and this baby will still be family, so we got some stuff for him. A couple of hooded towels, some really nice baby washcloths (not the cheapo ones) and a couple of cutsey stuff I just couldn't resist. I also had a trash bag of mostly unused bottles. Alot of them were bought when I was pg with Caleb. I kept them, thinking I would use them if we had another baby. Then Evan was breastfed, and wouldn't have taken a bottle if he was starving to death. We tried to get him to take a bottle, but I can literally count on one hand how many times it worked. So the only bottles that were used were only used MAYBE once. I held onto them, thinking again that maybe one day we would need them. But now they are just taking up space, and since some of the bottles are old, I figured I should give them to someone that could use them before the nipples got old and fell apart.
So we offered them to Danny and his wife. You know what they said?? They asked if there were any Avent bottles in there, because those were the ones she wanted. So here is the thing, if someone offers you a trashbag FULL of bottles, and you are pg, and broke, wouldn't you TAKE them, and just say thank you?? I could easily sell them on ebay, but I thought I would make a nice gesture and give them to her for free, and she is picky about it?? I am SOOOO tempted to take the Avents out, and give her all of them BUT those. Dh won't let me though. He's just NO fun.


At 9:28 AM, Blogger kate said...

Sheesh, what a sense of noblesse oblige, eh? Like she couldn't just take them, say tyvm, and take the avent bottles out herself? Ummm...also does she realize that while SHE might like the avent bottles, BABY might have quite a different idea about what he likes!? Maybe you should enlighten her about this point. (i know this because Suzanne told me, when Jack was born she bought one pack of every bottle there was, to figure out which he liked best LOL.)

Yeah i think that woman would rub me the wrong way too.


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