Thursday, March 23, 2006


I just called to try to make an appointment for eye exams for dh and I. He hasn't had his eyes examined since december 2002. I remember it distinctly. I helped him pick out less flimsy frames since Caleb was on the way, and we knew how much babies like to pry the glasses off of you and bend them all to hell. (hahahaha that is assuming your baby is ALIVE, joke's on us, yet again!)
Anyway, he has Prism, and when his prescription changes, you can tell. He gets horrible headaches, and starts squinting out of one eye, and tilting his head a little.
I haven't had my eyes checked since 6 weeks after Evan was born. So 2 years. My prescription has changed some, but I can deal with it. My last pair of contacts SHOULD have been in the trash weeks ago, but I just keep wearing them when I leave the house, and try to deal with my glasses when I am home. going without glasses for me is NOT an option. I can't see shit. I would wear my glasses, but there's just one problem. There is a crack in one of the lenses. And I can SEE it. It drives me insane. I absolutely can't stand it.
So I know that no one will refill a 2 year old contact prescription, and I can't see as well as I could anyway, so we both decided we need to get our eyes examined. I called our insurance to find out who we need to go to, and they gave me the name of a provider and told me to call them to make an appointment. I called them, and they tell me that I need a referal, but they will make the appointment first, and I can get the referal later. WTF? A referal?? Ummm ok. They told me I needed a referal since we will both have a medical diagnosis". Then they tell us that their EARLIEST appointment is JUNE 6th. JUNE. Did I mention I should have tossed my contacts weeks ago??
I think we will be calling Lens crafters or Wal Mart once dh gets home and I can tell him what happened. We always paid for eye exams out of pocket before, so why stop now??


At 11:35 AM, Blogger MB said...

Dealing with insurance companies is a pain, but is worse for eye care and the dentist. WTF. That sucks.

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Kathy McC said...

Don't use Lens Crafters. I had to take my glasses back 4 times to get them right. Fuckers. Sorry you're having so much trouble.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Julie said...

LOL Kathy, we always used Lens Crafters when we lived in SC, but I do know that not all stores know what they are doing! I am actually thinking since we have to go out of pocket anyway, that maybe we will go back to SC and get it done there, where we know what kind of service, etc. we will get. Just depends on how soon we can manage to get down there.


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