Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So I'm a little paranoid. Imagine that.

I actually ended up hanging out with A. again on Monday. We met at the park again. It was great. We got there and were literally the ONLY people there. The kids had complete freedom to do what they wanted, and we didn't have to worry about big kids not watching out for them. We stayed for about and hour and a half (by the time we left, the park was getting crowded, but the parents watched their children, and actually made them apologize if they did something rude. Like throw Evan to the ground when he tried to climb near a certain kid, and the kid didn't want to play with him. The mother came running on that one, instead of ignoring the whole thing and talking on her cell.) We actually left the park and took the kids to McDonalds for lunch, and stayed there for over 2 hours. We talked alot. I found out that she has another son, and that he was born when she was 14. He lives with his father. I told her about Caleb. She didn't freak out, or change the subject. She actually wanted to know more. I told her all about his birth, and how we found out he was gone. She was really understanding, but she did say "we almost lost dd that way". I didnt' get mad, eventhough,usually that pisses me off (because almost is NOT the same, it doesn't mean you know how I feel, etc). It turns out, she really DID almost lose her dd. She had an emergency c-section, and when her dd was born, she was blue. It's funny because she handled it so much better than alot of people do when I tell them my son is dead. Even people I didnt know before have acted weird when I mention him (which is why I had such a hard time finding a playgroup I fit in with). But then again, most of those girls (all in their very early 20's) didn't have a clue what a real issue was.

Anyway, I am rambling, and Evan is sick, so I need to spend some time with him. He hasn't been sick in quite awhile, so why is it, when we have plans for a Easter egg hunt and get together on Saturday, he gets sick?? Figures.


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