Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I just wanted to pop in and tell you all I am back. I know some of you have looked for me. Gonna try to post, but not sure how cooperative Evan will be.

We had a pretty good trip to SC. We spent basically a long weekend there and Evan had a great time. He got to jump on the trampoline for the first time. I think he laughed the whole time he was up there. He finally started saying grandma and grandpa, so it made leaving really hard. We got started late when we went to leave (because of trying to take apart a toddler bed and thinking it would be an easy thing to do.....HA!) so of course I was rushed by the time we got to go see Caleb. I brought him his windchimes, and cleaned his stuff off some (it had rained hard the night before so everything was pretty dirty). I spent most of the time keeping Evan from taking things from the other babies graves.

I had my dr appointment yesterday. I managed to end up with a UTI while I was in SC, but I figured it was no big deal since I had an appointment on monday anyway. I thought I would just mention it while I was there, and the dr could give me antibiotics, and it would be no big deal. Well, that was not the case. I mentioned it, and the nurse told me that with my insurance, I would not be able to be treated for an infection since that was not why I was there. I had to go to my family dr for that, or have a referral. WTF??? I have never heard such bullshit. I was pissed. They would not even confirm if I *had* a UTI either. I was there for an annual, so that was all I could get. While the nurse was getting my history, she was asking that dreaded question about pregnancies. (by the way, this office deals with fertility, AND high risk pg) I told her that I had had a miscarriage, and a stillbirth. She asked me if I had had any other pregnancies "besides my 2 miscarriages". I wanted to slap her. I said to her that I had had a miscarriage AND A FULL TERM STILLBIRTH. She kind of looked shocked, and then changed whatever she had put in the computer. Stupid bitch. The dr was a nice enough guy (I was anxious as hell about him being a guy to start with). I actually felt pretty comfortable with him. I managed to get him to talk to me quite a bit about fertility (even without a referral). I told him that we had been ttc for a year and I told him that we had always gotten pg very very easily. I told him that I had been charting, and using OPK's and it does look like my cycles are very regular and I am ovulating. He made it sound like he thinks we should continue doing what we are doing for a little while longer, unless we really want to get things going NOW. He said if we wanted to get a referral, then we could start the fertility work up because we do fit the definition of infertile. He told me what the work up would involve, and everything we would expect. I am not sure I am ready to go to that extent just yet though. I want another baby, and I want it NOW, but I am not sure I am ready to turn it into a clinical thing yet. At least I got an idea of where to go from here, and that is a start.

Gonna have to post more later, especailly about my night last night, but wanted at least say that I am still alive.


At 12:37 PM, Blogger Kathy McC said...

Glad to see you! Sorry that nurse was so insensitive. People can be so dumb...

At 2:09 PM, Blogger delphi said...

That is pretty stupid, for a nurse. Sensitivity training, anyone? And if there wasn't a medical distinction between stillbirth and miscarriage, then there wouldn't be two different words!

I understand where you are coming from about medical intervention into fertility. I want a pregnancy, but don't really know how I feel about getting poked and prodded and taking meds to get there. It shouldn't be so tough.

At 2:12 PM, Blogger delphi said...

Oops, forgot to add that (if it takes as long to see an RE there as it does here) it may be worthwhile to request your doctor send a letter of referral now, so that you can see the RE 6 months from now.

You know, you can ask him when you go back for treatment of the UTI... (grrr...)


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