Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ramblings about our house

I tried to post a couple of times yesterday but the site wasn't working. How annoying. I have a few minutes of free time so thought I would post SOMETHING. Evan is sitting in a pile of board books and watching Miss Spider and clapping from time to time so maybe I have a few minutes.

My best friend Cristie called me last night. Her mom works with the mom of the girl that bought our house in SC. Apparently the mom of the woman that bought the house (Leah) asked C's mom if she had spoken to me lately. Well C's mom said no, and so Leah said to her "That house sure is costing me alot of money" Well what do you expect when you start tearing things out of a 50 year old house???? You are going to find things. That is just how it works. When you screw people, it comes back to you eventually, and with her it seems like it's sooner rather then later.

Yeah, I have to admit that I get some pleasure out of this. I know it's wrong, but I really feel like this is something this girl deserves. We went to highschool together (the girl that bought the house) and she sat beside me in one of my classes, and honestly I don't think she ever spoke one word to me. I don't care about that though. What I DO care about is how she managed to get a home inspector to work for HER. How she managed to make it so we had to replace the subflooring in the bathroom when we had more then one person tell US that it didnt NEED to be replaced. Then we find out that the reason that the subfloor "needed" to be replaced was because she was putting ceremic tile in there and the heavier tile needed a stronger foundation. She cost us THOUSANDS of dollars. And this was after we took $2k less then asking for the house because we wanted out quick. By the time we were done with her (and our so called realtor for that matter) I was so sick and tired of the whole thing I just wanted it OVER with. The whole situation made me feel horrible about our first home. The only house where Caleb ever lived, and ever will live. The house that dh and I poured so much work into, and yeah I kind of hate her for that. That house was far from perfect, but again, what do you expect from a 50 year old house? So, I have heard that after all of this, she isn't even living there. She had plans to replace the front windows, but when we were in SC we drove by there, and the old windows had been PAINTED. Couldn't help but laugh!


At 12:48 PM, Blogger Holly Golightly said...

Julie - Sorry about your house. Welcome to Virginia, by the way. We live in Lexington - about 4 hours from you. Glad you have started posting. Take care.


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