Monday, August 29, 2005


I am just absolutely fed up. I called the insurance company today to try to get Evan's dr situation straightened out. I was assigned to yet another pediatrician. So I got off the phone, and tried to call the new dr's office by using the phone number the insurance co. gave me. I got a disconnected number. So, I looked in the phone book. I saw no listing for this dr, and when I looked in the white pages, I got the same number I already had. So I called it again, and yes, it was disconnected, but I got a recording for a new number. I called the new number and got one of the hospital's switchboard operator. I asked for the certain dr I was assigned to, and the person looked his name up..............and had NO listing for him. So, I called the insurance co again, and the person I got this time told me to start calling dr's, find one that takes their insurance, and call them back with the name. Gee aren't you helpful. So I am STILL trying to figure it out. She gave me a list of a couple of dr's to help me out. And some of them aren't in the phonebook. God I am sick of this.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Anna said...

I hate insurance companies.

So sorry you're dealing with this!!


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