Thursday, July 19, 2007

He's such a big boy!

Evan had his first dentist appointment (after battling to get his insurance straightened out). We went to one of the kid's clinic places they have up here. They had a playground in the waiting room, etc. I got there, and the receptionist tells me that parents aren't allowed in the back. It was all I could do not to panic, and leave right then. She told me that they come out to the waiting room and get the child instead of the parent taking the child back, and then leaving them. It makes sence, but I wasn't sure how Evan would react to the whole thing since he is ALWAYS with me. They came to get him, and they took him to a big open room with about 8 dentist chairs, and they took me to the observation window. She told me that he would be in the main room, but if he started to get upset and cry, and they couldn't calm him down, they would take him to a room in the back, and I would still not be able to go with him. She asked me if I wanted them to do that, or if I wanted them to just give up and bring him back to me if he got upset. I told them to basically wait and see what happens. I just can't shake the thoughts of them doing horrible things to my son in some back room, and me not being there for him. The whole thing terrified me. She took him back and got him into a chair, and he did GREAT. He was so brave, and didn't cry at all. He got a little annoyed with her at the end of the cleaning and started trying to push her hand out of his mouth, but other than that, he handled the whole thing so well! He had no cavities and everything looked good, so we go back in 6 months.

On the way out, there was a penny on the floor in the waiting room. Then when we got to the van, a dragonfly landed on my mirror and just sat there. Thanks Caleb. I needed that.


At 9:32 AM, Blogger kate said...

I hate that some offices do that. They did that to Alexander, they told me they would come get him if he cried and they DIDN'T. I could see how much he had cried from his eyes after and they said he did fine. I never went back to that office, but i felt just awful.

On the other hand, Alexander has no memory of it and no problem going to the no harm done, i guess.


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