Thursday, June 23, 2005

More doctor's office hell

Ok well after debating and debating, I took Evan back to his Dr. appointment today. I figured I would go and at least check it out since I had no idea how long it would take me to get in somewhere else, and no idea if that somewhere else would be any better anyway. Well, I got there and today I must admit that the receptionst was absolutely the sweetest person (NOT the person from yesterday). I filled out my paperwork, and let Evan roam around the waiting room (we were the only people in there at the time, so he wasn't harrassing people). The wait was not long at all. In fact I was there a total of an hour, which isn't bad for a Dr's office! So the place is kind of dumpy, but theyARE trying. All the rooms have themes. We were in the jungle room. It had a huge mural on the wall, and a rug with all sorts of jungle animals on it. There was a huge gorilla (it was bigger then E) sitting on a stool in the corner. The thing is, this gorilla was torn to peices. One of it's eyes was even missing. I seriously did not want E touching this thing. It grossed me out to LOOK at it. Luckily E was kind of scared of it, so he would just stand and point at it. Instead he settled on a 3 wheeled car to play with (told you the place was dumpy!!) So the nurse came in to measure him, etc. and I notice that she uses antibacterial gel on her hands. THERE IS NO SINK. They have no place to wash their hands!! EEK!!! So she goes on and talks to E and measures him, and asks me questions about his habits, and she was really sweet, and seemed to really know how to deal with kids. She leaves and in comes the Nurse practitioner. She examines E but isn't very thorough. She never even looked in his mouth, but again, she was great with E. So she leaves and the nurse comes back in. Time for his vaccines. Well he was scheduled for 2, but this office has the newer combination vaccine so he only has to have 1 shot. Fine with me. They used a numbing medicine, which E has never had before, but it didn't really make any difference, he still screamed like a banshee, poor little guy. When they did the shots, I was so worried about watching that she didn't use a band aid (E is VERY allergic to them) that I really didn't notice that she didn't even use gloves! I let that go, because once again, they all seemed to really be good with him. It bugged me, but I hadn't made any decisions based on that alone.

Well we came home, and all was fine. It was nap time so I put Evan to sleep. He slept awhile, but just figured he was worn out. When he got up he was really whiney and kept making me pick him up. I just thought he was feeling kind of run down from the shots. Well about 2:30 I gave him tylenol, and by 3:30 I realized he could NOT walk. He could not STAND on his leg, and he was screaming in pain if I put him down. I called the office, and got the answering service!! At 3:30 in the afternoon!! So the woman at the answering service asked me what was going on and I told her, and she said she would page the Dr. NO ONE called. I just wanted to basically ask if it was normal for his leg to be THAT sore. It had never been that bad before, and I just needed to MAKE SURE. Thank God he seemed ok around 6 pm and was walking with a very slight limp by the time he went to bed. I feel like he is ok, but I just needed them to tell me to be SURE. But that was it, that was the final straw. I will be finding Evan ANOTHER new Dr. before his 18 month check up in September.

Sorry that was so long winded. If anyone is interested, there are new pics of Evan in the photogallery on his website. June 05 folder.


At 8:32 AM, Blogger Catherine said...

ick! I hope you both bathed after that appointment just to wash off whatever germs you caught while you were there! I'm horrified.

At 4:55 PM, Blogger lauralu said...

how horrible! don't even talk to those people on the phone - you could probably catch cooties over the wires!

evan is such a cutie-patootie, but one day he will definitely not appreciate the bare-behind shot!


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