Sunday, July 17, 2005


Had a dream that I was in the hospital in labor. Totally painless labor too. And dh showed up at the hospital with our bags and stuff and *3* strollers. I yelled at him for brining all 3. Of course the dream ended without a baby, so don't know what that was all about. It was just weird.

FF still says I didn't O this month. That is just so hard for me to grasp. I wanted to bd last night for the hell of it, but dh fell asleep on the couch, so I am not a happy person today. And now with his work schedule, he won't even BE here the next 2 nights. Like I said, I am pretty sure this month is out.


At 6:08 PM, Blogger gabesmama said...

Hi Julie,

I know that what I'm about to say doesn't help you directly but you writing about how this month is out helps me see things more clearly. I'm really bummed that we have to wait now until November, when we were going to try in Sept., but now I can see by what you are saying that even in the best of times, nature isn't playing along and so no matter a baby will come when it will come. Oh, I added your blog to mine if you don't mind.


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