Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Let's see if I can post without the Cat deleting it....Again

I want to say how impressed I am with all of your responses to that horrible Fealess Pregnancy bitch. I thought and thought of what to say to her, but just really couldn't come up with words that weren't overly obscene, so I gave up. I have just never been all that great with words.

I am still trying to update my blog list, but no matter how many times I have tried, all I get is a blank spot where the blog SHOULD be. It's really starting to piss me off!

Last night we went to dh's cousin's to eat and meet his new girl friend (who is apparently "the one"). I must say I am NOT impressed at all. She acts like she is about 10 (he's 27) and I swear I have had better conversations with my 16 month old son. I of course told him that his happiness is all that matters. I personally think it's just the fact that she's cute and ridiculously skinny that he's "in love" with, but whatever. He only really calls when he needs something anyway, and he is being sent to Panama until September (he's also Navy) so we will see if she is even still around by that point. When we got home, I had no place to park. We have assigned parking spots and our new neighbors were across the line, in their space AND mine. There was no way I could park there and get Evan out of the carseat, so I had to park across the parking lot in a visitor spot. Have I mentioned I HATE them???

We are in our first month of ttc, and I can really feel myself obsessing already. DH is just so sure that I am pg as we speak, but I keep trying to tell him that it MIGHT not happen as easy as it always did before. I am still freaked out at the possibility of being pg again, but I also know that I really really want this, so I know the fear is all worth it.

Dh's parents are coming up FINALLY next week. I am so annoyed with them right now it's not funny. They have plenty of money to make the trip, and both of them are teachers, so they have been off all summer, but they have STILL not come up to see us. I don't care if they ever come see us, but you would think they would want to see Evan. FIL refused to come up until Harry Potter comes out so he can listen to the book on tape on the 5 hour drive. Gee, Harry Potter is more important then Evan??? Nice to know....... They also LOVE Colonial Williamsburg, so I can't help but wonder how much time they will spend with US and how much time they will want to spend there. I would love to go to Williamsburg again, but we will see if we even get invited. I think dh is to the point where he is getting annoyed with them too, which makes me feel better because he always stuck up for them. Finally he sees MY point. Should be a fun visit........


At 12:59 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

You have my pity and my support should you need to vent. I personally think in-laws are a pain in the a$$. And I think the neighbors car SHOULD get towed. But I'm in a nasty frame of mind you might not want to take my advice on anything. lol

At 4:34 PM, Blogger lauralu said...

that must be some cat you have.

always nice when the dh finally recognizes his relations aren't perfect, isn't it?

btw, good luck with ttc! sending fertile thoughts your way.

At 7:34 PM, Blogger gabesmama said...

Funnily Jeff's parents are the same way. The totally have enough moeny to come out, but never do. In fact, they've only been out 3 times the entire time Jeff has lived in Boston. Once to meet me, once for the wedding, and once for the funeral. I really can't be bothered with them. ~Rebecca

At 4:48 PM, Blogger Jill said...

Unfortunately it is my relatives who pose the problem at our house. My dad and step mother are total shits but I have come to accept this after 5 years of thinking 'they WILL get used to being grandparents and ACT like grandparents'. No such luck.


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