Saturday, July 09, 2005

I was trying to add some more blogs I have started reading in my links, but it just isn't letting me for some reason. I go in and add it, and when I save it all, all I get is a little dot on the side, with nothing beside it. UGH. Guess I will have to come back to that later.

So have I mentioned I REALLY hate my new neighbors?? I think there are at least 4 people living in the 2 bedroom townhouse. It looks like parents, a teenage girl, and a boy about 9 years old. They CONSTANTLY go in and out of the house, slamming the door each time, while I sit and watch the pictures on my wall shake. Then when they are outside, they are LOUD. The play their music way too loud so we hear the pounding of bass all day and night, and the younger kid apparently spends half of his day just running up and down the stairs for no apparent reason. Sometimes he has elephants that join him. Oh and did I mention they don't park in their assigned space?? You know what though? They take MY spot, and I am getting them towed........Yep, I know, I can be evil.

So, like I kind of thought, dh's work schedule is going to be an issue with ttc. At least I think it will be. This month I think we will be alright. I basically won't see him until Monday morning, and he will spend the majority of that day sleeping. When he IS here, one of us is sleeping, or Evan is awake. Kind of makes bd hard to squeeze in. I think it's all ok though, because I dont THINK I will O between now and then. Once again, we will see.

I have to go to SC at the end of the month for my nephew's first birthday party. I think I am going to go and get my medical records while I am there. I am not so sure what I will see in those records, and maybe not so sure I want to see. But we ALL know I will read them cover to cover. It will be interesting to see what all was said about Caleb, but I am already expecting to be pissed off at least once. Not sure what exactly I am expecting, but I know seeing it all in medical terms is going to be hard. I can't stand to see Caleb treated like he was a "fetus". It seriously pisses me off. I bought something for his grave the other day. It's a little stuffed Eeyore sitting in a kiddie pool. Can't wait to bring it to him. I miss going to his grave whenever I felt the need. Counting down the days until I get to go home.


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