Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ok so I did a Tarot reading online. This is what I got. Hmmmmm, kind of makes me wonder. (of course my question was pg related)

5 - the TeacherLearning and teachingYou have the opportunity to learn from a new spiritual teacher, or to become a teacher to others. It may be that this teacher will appear in disguise — the weeds that grow along the roadside, or a heron feeding in the mud flats at low tide. The natural world around you has some of the most profound spiritual teachings you will ever encounter. Perhaps it is time to get to know your Place on this earth in a more intimate manner. Do you know the names of native plants in your area, and how the indigenous people used them? Do you know how to interpret the different calls and songs of the birds in your neighborhood? Do you know where the sun rises and sets on the horizon in summer and in winter? The Teacher calls you to become intimately acquainted with the natural world in the place where you live, as part of your spiritual practice.

19 - the SunRadiant joyYou are being challenged to let your light shine in the world. You may find a big smile on your face. With a huge burst of energy, your spirit is shouting out a great big YES! Perhaps you have accomplished a long term goal or are receiving accolades and attention for the good work you have done. You are healthy, energetic and enthusiastic with a warm and generous heart. It's time to celebrate and get out and play in the sunshine. Sing, dance, make love, let your creativity flow. Shine on!

21 - Gaia, the WorldMay all beings be blessedResolution comes with knowing that "all shall be well." This card is the best of all possible cards to get in a reading, because it is the culmination of your spiritual journey. It signifies wholeness and an integration of your spiritual, emotional and physical lives. A major stage or cycle of your life is complete, and a new one will soon begin. You may have had a transcendent experience where you became aware of the life-energy of the planet, and you knew Mother Earth as a living being. This kind of cosmic consciousness is hard to describe, but once we have experienced it we never forget it. Our lives become a cosmic dance in which we forget and remember, forget and remember. When this card appears, you remember your birthright as a Child of Heaven and Earth.


At 10:23 PM, Blogger Jill said...

So what did YOU get out of that? Did it make sense to you? I found the tarot readings very labour intensive and way too difficult! Just shows my attention span is short though!

At 12:19 AM, Blogger Julie said...

My first thought on the teacher was maybe you are helping IM to learn how to mother better. Glad you got Gaia, sounds good.
So, what is YOUR interpretation of them?

At 7:08 AM, Blogger Catherine said... I'm off to find a tarot reading online for myself.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger gabesmama said...

A new stage of life. I feel that way a year past Gabe's death, like I'm onto a new stage. I hadn't even thought of it that way, but yes that describes how I feel. I'm not the same, this is a new stage of my life. I wonder if my cards would confirm it, but what you have written has given me the words to describe what I'm feeling lately.


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