Monday, May 16, 2005

Totally freakin' impressed

Just got a box of stuff from my mother in law. I am truely amazed. Really. See mil is the type that usually gives Evan a check. His baby shower, she gave me a $200 check, his first b-day she gave him a $100 check. Not once has she put ANY thought into a gift for him (oh and by the way his first b-day card was not even SIGNED) So you can imagine how shocked I am that she sent a box of 5 Carter's outfits she bought for Evan. And the stuff is actually CUTE, and in his size! (Don't think she asked anyone about the size, but Billy DID know she was going shopping so she may have asked him) I am just really happy that she did this. It REALLY means alot to me. This kind of thing is what I wanted from her. The thought of her picking something up and saying "Evan would look cute in that" or whatever. Her making an EFFORT instead of just whipping out the checkbook.

There was another box for me, not sure why, maybe Mother's day or something, but it had a Boyd's bear sailor bear, and a stuffed Boyd's sailor bear, and a Boyd's t-shirt (which I will never wear, I guess she keeps her eyes closed when she is around me or something and has no clue the type of thing that I wear.) But I am giving her the benefit of the doubt........SHE TRIED.


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