Friday, June 03, 2005


So here I sit, just past midnight, and they are still not back from the party. Dh said over and over "I don't plan on being gone long." That was at 8. That was 4 hours ago. Did I mention I am babysitting a 3 month old? He's been the sweetest little guy, so I really can't complain, but I am getting a little worried. When they got here his mom told me that she had fed him right before they came. Well she brought one bottle just in case, and pretty much told me it was his bedtime and he would probably go right to sleep. So I changed his diaper, and crammed him back into his too small clothes (don't have any of Evan's old clothes here, we left them at mom's when we moved or I would have changed him) and tried to put him to sleep the way she said he sleeps. The poor little guy was just sucking so desperately on his pacifier that I got the bottle out. He sucked down 6 oz. in 3 minutes flat, and probably would have drank more. WTF is wrong with this girl not to bring extra formula?? He's been sleeping for 3 hours now, and if he wakes up I have nothing for the little guy? I absolutely HATE people who aren't prepared. I mean if you think you need one bottle pack TWO. It just annoys me. I know that you can't always have everything you need for your child all the time, trust me, I have been there, but it just seems like she wasn't trying in this case. She doesn't seem like the most responsible parent to me. UGH. It was nice to hold such a tiny sweet little baby though..............

I added the links to Caleb's and Evan's websites if anyone wants to check them out. I still need to finish adding links to all the blogs I read. Getting too tired tonite though. (not that I can go to sleep yet.........GRRRR. Guess who is getting up early with E tomorrow??? NOT ME!)


At 9:12 PM, Blogger Chesty said...

I know that feeling - I was in the parking lot of one of our motels this afternoon when a toddler came walking out and headed for the beach by himself. I asked him where his mommy was at and he said "Mommy Sleeping"

I kept talking to him for about 15 minute until his dad came freaking around the corner looking for him.

They decided to nap with the door open so they could hear the waves!

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