Monday, June 06, 2005

Had a pretty good day today. I got to meet an online friend that lost twin sons in March of 2002. We took our kids to the zoo, and I got to meet another friend of hers that lost one of her twins. It was nice to have adult conversation for once, which is something I haven't been getting much of since I don't have any friends up here. I hate that we all have something so horrible in common, but it is nice to have someone that isn't going to judge me for missing my son. It was so horribly hot outside today (heat index was about 104) but it really was worth it. I am so glad I actually went, I wasn't really going to go, they were supposed to meet up right around E's nap time, but he was in a good mood and being pretty easy to deal with so we went. The zoo was packed, so we didn't really do alot of looking at the animals, but I made sure to point all the animals that were easy to see to E. I'm going to try to make an effort to get together with this girl pretty frequently (assuming she felt the same about the day).

My mom is coming this weekend. I am so excited about it! I am so close to her, and it's been really hard living up here without her, and I know how much she misses E so it will be great to get to spend some time with her. She has been my strength more then once since losing Caleb.

I just wanted to thank all of my blogger friends. Its funny how much you girls can mean to me sometimes. It's always nice to know you aren't alone. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


At 9:19 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

It sounds like a good day to me. A week and a half after Alex's funeral was Sam's third birthday. So we went to the zoo and actually had a few smiles that day. We had a few tears too, but overall, the zoo is a good place.

I hope you have many good days with your mom visiting too.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger lauralu said...

i'm so glad you met up with other mothers of dead children (sorry - i just can't say angels). it IS easier with them, isn't it?

At 11:30 PM, Blogger Jill said...

When you can't fit in somewhere you need to find people with whom you share common ground. I can relate to that more as a foreigner when I lived in England. I just had to find Aussies so I could relate to someone. Similar thing - there are somethings that you need to not have to explain.

I'm so pleased for you that you have met some people you feel comfortable with. When you have none around, you need to make your own family. I hope that's what you have found:)


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