Monday, July 25, 2005

My temp is already starting to drop. Which is TOTALLY what I expected, and I am totally ok with it too. I didn't even have a test because I was pretty sure it would be a bfn. Like I said though, it really is ok. Now next month I may not be so ok with it...........

Don't ever order anything from I ordered a stroller on July 7, and still haven't gotten it. I tried to call their customer service number and got an answering machine. (which was a long distance number by the way) I emailed them again today. If they haven't billed my account yet, I am cancelling the order and going to BRU to get the other stroller we were looking at. I went with the one online because it was $50 cheaper, but hey, what good does it do me if I never GET it. I really wanted a lightweight "umbrella stroller with perks" by the time I went to SC, but since I leave on Thursday, it's not likely. Unless I bite the bullet and go get the Maclaren stroller. GRRRR.


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