Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I just tried to get to my blog and it told me I was unauthorized to view this site. Ummm WTF?? Obviously it has issues, but whatever, I tried again, and here I am.

IM was supposed to get the money today and put in the deposit for a townhouse in our complex. It's didn't happen, but supposedly it's going to happen tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath. The Navy SAID they were getting her housing, then made it next to impossible for her to sctually get it. They told her that she had to have "custody" of Austin, so she could claim him, and get more housing money. Well her soon to be ex won't take him off of HIS paperwork, so this means she will have to actually get an attorney to do the dirty work for her. The cheapest she can find is $1500. She can't get $1500 if she has to pay rent......well you see where this is going right? So she has given up on base housing and said she can afford to pay what we pay in rent, so now she is going to be our neighbor. Just. Great.

Yesterday was a hellish day. I guess what started it all was IM. Her son woke mine up early, which is never a good start. She didn't try to sleep while I took care of Austin, so that's a start, but then she waited until I was trying to give Evan his cereal to bring Austin to the kitchen to feed him a jar of babyfood. Feeding Evan has been a nightmare lately, and the tiniest distraction makes it totally impossible, so I had to fight him to get him to eat. But eventually he DID eat. IM went to get a bowl of cereal for herself, and I pointed out there was almost no milk. So she put it away and didn't get anything to eat. I then took Evan upstairs for his bath, and when we came back down, she was eating a bowl of cereal, and the milk container was on the counter. Gee, why am I not surprised? So she decided to give Austin a bath (the second one she has given him in 3 weeks!) but it's Austin's naptime, so he's CRANKY. It's ok though, I have done the same thing to Evan. We just hurry so he can get to his nap as soon as possible. Ummm NOT her. She gives him his bath, then brings him downstairs, and he's screaming already. She gets an outfit, then says it's not the outfit she wanted, so she goes upstairs (leaving Austin on the couch, where he tries to roll off and I catch him) and gets an outfit out of the pile of clothes *I* washed for him (apparently she thinks the laundry fairy comes and leaves them, or they fall from the sky or something because she has not said one damn word about it). She gets him dressed, then gets out a Q-tip and cleans his ears, without holding his head still I might add. The poor kid is SCREAMING from exhaustion, and my dh is trying to sleep because they have to work overnight. THEN she gets out the bulb syringe (snot sucker) and sucks out his nose "Just in case"! Seriously, she said "Just in case". I am sorry but that is ONE thing I will NEVER EVER do "just in case" to my son. Oh, and she didn't hold his head that time either. So after that (yes, there is more) she gets out the fingernail clippers and starts to clip his nails. I grabbed Evan up, and went upstairs to my room. I really couldn't stand it a second longer. I knew dh was awake with all of the screaming anyway, so I went and vented.

When I came downstairs, she was still holding Austin, and he has passed out in her lap while she was finishing his nails. Evan and the cat started chasing each other, and squeals of delight followed, which of course woke Austin up. She shot me the WORST look, and sighed, but didn't say a word. (I had kind of hoped she would hehehe) She picked him up and said "I'm going to take him and lay him down, I think he's ready for a nap."

So that got me off to a really bad start for the whole day. Lunch with Evan was no fun, he has started crushing his food and throwing it on the floor. I lost my patience with him and felt like a shitty mom for it. Then when I took him up to take his nap, he screamed for an hour before finally passing out he was so tired. I tried to comfort him, but it just pissed him off more, so I gave up and let him CIO while I sat on his bedroom floor. After his nap, when dh and IM had gone to work, he was so jealous I could barely take care of Austin too. Evan wanted to go outside so badly, and I couldnt take him because I have nothing I can do with Austin while I play with Evan. I thought about putting him in a stroller, but I know Evan would just want to push that around. Evan kept turning off the tv, and then walking to the back door. He even brought me his shoes. I just kept telling him we couldn't go outside. This whole damn situation is unfair to him.

Dh is going to SC tomorrow. I was supposed to go too, but I am staying here so IM will have a place to stay. This should be FUN. I think if it wasn't for the fact that dh is going to see his best friend get married, he wouldn't go at all. He said he was worried he would come home and find her hanging somewhere. Hmmmmm, not a bad idea.


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