Friday, September 02, 2005

The Saga continues, God please grant me patience....

I called to make an appointment for Evan's 18 month well baby check up today and guess what??? He wasn't in the system. So after a 30 minute phone call, we got him straight, and I tried to call the pediatric clininc he is supposed to go to. I got a message telling me the business hours, and to please call back during regular business hours. Ummm it WAS during regular business hours. So I called a second number and finally got someone. They only do well baby appointments for ONE HOUR each day. Automatically, that bugs me. Will we be rushed in and out just so they can get all the patients seen? Or will they be willing to actually take some time with us?? I really hope this one works out, because I can't deal with this run around much longer.

Evan has been really difficult today. First it was the cat bowl. He keeps dumping it out so he can put the food back in. The problem is, the bowl has WATER in it too. I would clean up the huge mess, put more food and water in the bowl, and he would dump it all out again. Then he managed to get ahold of an almost full box of cheerios, and dumped the ENTIRE box out on the kitchen floor. It was next to impossible to clean up between him and the cat. And we aren't even half way through the day......


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

Sam's done both a time or two. One day you'll look back on these memories fondly. No, stop's true. :o)

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Jill said...


S walked in the other day with cheeks bulging and looking as happy as she could. Well why not? She had filled up on DOG biscuits and thought she was very clever to have found such a tasty treat out in the yard!

Oh - and EVERY day, she dumps the biscuits into the dog's water. So they get all soggy and the dog has no food... c'est la vie!

I hope the doctor saga works itself out!

At 9:39 PM, Blogger R said...

Hi! You left a comment on mine so I needed to leave a comment on your blog! ;) I LOVE the name Evan, and am so proud of you for living day to day even though you lost your sweet, sweet firstborn.

You are so strong. I know you didn't want to have to be that strong, but you are such an inspiration to me.

Oh, the doctor's can be SO annoying.



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