Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kind of Freaky

I just walked outside for a minute, and there are 2 cop cars out in the parking lot. The cops were talking to a neighbor in the building next to ours (about 4 doors down) and then they walked towards me. The woman cop asked me if I had seen anyone strange around lately knocking on doors or just wandering around. I haven't seen anything. There are lots of people that come and go, but it's pretty much only residents. She didn't say anything else at all, and then another cop pulled up, and she walked off. NO idea what that was about, but now she has me a little freaked out. I am here 2 night a week alone, and have always felt safe. I have never thought I had a reason to worry here. This complex is 95% military, and the other people are either older, or have families. It's a pretty quiet place. Just wish the cop had explained herself a little more.

On another note, we took the kids to the pumpkin patch yesterday. (There are pics in the photogallery on Evan's site if you are interested) Evan had a great time. It would have been nice to be able to just focus on him, but I am glad we went ahead and took him. He got to go to the petting zoo, and on a hayride. He picked out a pumpkin for himself and then one for Austin. And dh picked out one for Caleb. I can't decide if I will take Caleb's to him, or keep it here and put it with Evan's.

I broke down and tested today at 10 dpo. I wasn't going to, but let's face it, I have no willpower. It was a BFN. Pretty much what I expected. I am ok with it, just want to know why my boobs are so freaking sore.

Going to go try to get some stuff done around the house. Evan and I are going to SC this weekend so we can go to mom's church's Halloween party. My best friend will also be in town. I can't wait til Friday!!


At 8:59 AM, Blogger Catherine said...

Hopefully the police were just investigating an odd complaint that turned out to be nothing.

The pumpkin patch is fun...you are so nice to include Austin. I bet he doesn't get a lot of that sort of attention from his mom. I feel so bad for him.

Have fun in SC. What's Evan going to be for Halloween?

At 7:44 PM, Blogger Jill said...

So, um, your chart....are you really 16dpo or you just haven't updated it yet?

I guess you might have only arrived back from SC... how did it go? Hope it was fun:)

At 6:36 AM, Blogger Lola said...

You should have shopped IM to the cops!!!

Yes, orificer, I HAVE seen someone suspicious...

(I know, I know...I'm bad.)

Sorry about your BFN.


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