Monday, January 23, 2006

Breastfeeding Nazi, meet Car seat Nazi ( I am sure you will get along just FINE.

We have started the search for Evan's next carseat. He's getting kind of tall for the one he has (although he won't ACTUALLY grow out of it for a couple of months), and since we will have tax money soon, we wanted to go ahead and get one NOW (you know, while we actually have the money).

I looked at the boosters, and then came across the Britax Regent. You can use a 5 point harness up to *80lbs*!! I liked that idea, since 5 point is safer, and most boosters only allow you to use the 5 point harness to 40lbs. Well, then I heard things about how the regent in huge and not really comfy for a smaller child because they can't really lean against the sides to nap, etc. So then I checked out the Cosco Apex, and honestly, I am just not so sure about the quality, and we have had a pretty bad Cosco experience in the past. But that seat at least allows a 5 point harness up to 65lbs.

So a friend recommended the site for me since alot of car seat tech's post there. Well here's how the thread turned out

*Laura, if you happen to read this, I would LOVE some input here!! (since you are certified)

I am just so sick of how JUDGEMENTAL mothers can be. I didn't ASK if it was safer to have Evan rear facing or forward facing, I KNOW the answer to that, and I have MADE the descision that works the best for OUR family.



At 7:09 PM, Blogger MB said...

You know...silly me, I didn't realize that forward/rear facing was an issue once they reached 20 lbs and 1 year. My daughter would puke all over my car everyday if she had to face the rear!

At 8:12 PM, Blogger Laura said...

I think that your best bet will be something that he will not grow out of in the next year or two. I think that he should be able to be in a 5 pt harness. Maybe something that the harness can come out of later and can be used as a booster seat. Read the labels to see what the information is on the seats. height weight and things like that (which I am sure you already know lol) Try out a seat if you aren't sure if he will be comfortable. The post on the board was right if you have LATCH (lower anchor & tether) it is definitely more safe to use with a child seat but you dont have to use those if you don't want to. Not all vehicles have those anyway. Hope this helped

At 10:01 PM, Blogger Jill said...

I don't know about pounds and inches for kid size, but over here the advice is that once the kid's feet are past the end of the seat RF and they have good neck control, it's time to turn 'em round. Also that LATCH thingy is compulsory here so maybe that's why. But who cares? That wasn't the question LOL:)

Anyway, you won't have the same brands or anything like that, but I use a carseat that goes from being a 5 point harness to a booster seat. The nice thing about that is I used the harness til E was about 4 (she is 90th percentile in height) then used it as a booster seat WITH the top tether still in place. I liked that extra security although you don't have to do that.

S (who is 2y7m) has been in that seat since she was maybe 26 months. The only annoyance is that a seat that converts to a big kid booster won't have the big-comfy-to-sleep-on side wings. She still fits better into that seat than her old one which she could have technically used for another 18 months according to weight.

Why is the Regent apparently so uncomfortable? Is there any way to make it more comfy without compromising its safety? LIke you say, you need to see it. Will someone get one in for you to look at? It's not as if someone won't buy it if you don't. Good luck:)

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Jill, the Regent is HUGE, and like you said about not having a way for the kid to sleep, well that is the issue with it. I am afraid he won't be comfortable. No one actually carries it in the store, but I could order it from Target, then try it and if it doesn't work, I could return it to the store instead of shipping it back.

Latch isn't an issue. Our van has Latch, and we use it.

I see WHY those women push for rear facing, even at an older age. I have seen crash test videos, and honestly, they are scary as hell, but I also know that I cannot drive with a SCREAMING toddler because he is cramped up in the seat.

The seats I am trying to choose between go much higher weight wise with a 5 point harness (he should be able to use them until AT LEAST 5 years old!!)

It just pissed me off that they took a thread and completely disreguarded what I was trying to say, and made me feel like I was a horrible mother. Bitches.

At 10:15 AM, Blogger R said...

I posted on there just for fun. I'm sure I'll be pounced on. Trying to keep my mind off other things, I guess.

Lucy is forward facing, ever since she hit 20 pounds. She's not technically a year, but, like you said on there, it's better for all involved when she's not screaming at the top of her freaking lungs while I'm trying to drive.

I wrote this on there, but we went with the Cosco Alpha/Omega. Really comfy, and excellent safety reviews.

-Bad Mom ;) (Rach)

At 10:31 AM, Blogger kate said...

I finally got it to load lol. The implication was clearly there Julie, but i did't think they were *that* evil about it. I am glad you responded though, let them know how their opinions affected you.

Yeah, Rach, i saw your post there and laughed, i am *sure* you will get it from them!

Sign me up for the bad mom club, i didn't even think about leaving Chloe RF until Julie told me it was safer! She is still RF since she does not care...Alexander was FF from 12 months though, he would not put up with the RF.


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