Friday, January 06, 2006

Must. Stop. Playing. Sims 2. Seriously.

My brother let me play the Sims 2 on his computer when we were at mom's. I used to play the Sims for HOURS at a time, and then, well, I guess I got bored with it, and I stopped. Actually, now that I think of it, I used to play when I was pg with Caleb, and then when he died, being online and talking to people was more important. (dh was gone, so chat rooms, etc were all I had) But I digress.....

As soon as we got home last night from SC, dh went out to get milk. I asked him over and over what the big deal was, why we needed milk RIGHT THEN, and he wouldn't answer. His excuse was that Evan likes cereal (Evan does NOT drink milk, never has, and will only have it in his cereal.........sometimes.) So when dh came back from getting milk, he had the Sims 2 for me. And I am back to my mindless addiction.


Guess I can tell you all about our trip. When we got to SC, mom made a nice Christmas dinner and invited my in laws, and all of the rest of my family. It's so much easier to let Evan see the in laws at my mom's house since mom's house is closer to being baby proofed (and not to mention sanitary, but we won't get into the condition of the in laws house.) And there is the fact that Evan gets to spend some time with them and I get to avoid them as much as possible.

Dh and I rung in the new year fighting. I was in bed by midnight, and we were pissed at each other. I really don't think I have EVER had a good new year's eve. Ever. I hate the new year now. It's just a day closer to Caleb's b-day, and that's all I can really manage to think about.

Evan was sick for 2 of the nights we were there, so not much sleep for me. I ended up being the one to stay up with him, etc. He had a fever and actually threw up for the first time (from being sick) ever.

The next night dh was throwing up.

And the next night it was me.

So I spent Wednesday on mom's couch, afraid to eat or drink, when I had originally planned on pre ordering balloons for Caleb. Like we weren't already emotionally drained, we had to be physically drained.

I'm still drained. And the van is still packed because the house is too trashed to fit most of Evan's new toys in here yet.

Is January over yet?? I think I will go back to my land of make believe..... Guess it's a good thing dh got the Sims.


At 1:30 AM, Blogger Anam Cara said...

Wow, what a tough time you have had. I am so sorry. I totally understand why New Year's brings tension and sadness to your house. I hope you are all feeling better, and that January will be over soon. (((hugs)))

At 10:40 AM, Blogger lauralu said...

i totally understand the sims addiction. i don't know where the cd is and haven't since we've had our current computer, because otherwise i would have no life at all.

there's so much hype about new year's eve, being special for adults, and it can never live up to those expectations. justin and i had horrible new year's eves every year until i stopped expecting it to be fabulous. we stay home, cook dinner, and get ready for the party we have the next day. it makes new year's eve much better.

i hope everyone at your house is doing better.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger kate said...

Hey, we had that same stomach flu...did i sent it to you via IM? ;)


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