Tuesday, September 12, 2006

At least something was easy

Or at least it's easy SO FAR.

We took down the crib and put Evan in a toddler bed. He is doing WONDERFULLY so far. I am absolutely amazed. We left him in the crib forever, because honestly, he was happy there, and why mess with a good thing? He wasn't climbing out (although he would put on leg up on the rail, like he was threatening to climb out) and he slept there so well. I was so scared of the transition. Back in June, my mom gave me the toddler bed my brother was using for my nephew. The thing is ugly, but it was free. So about 4 days ago, I got sick of looking at parts of that toddler bed leaning against the wall in my dining room, so we put it together. He went straight to bed that night. And STAYED in bed. So far, nights have been a breeze. Yesterday, at naptime, he got up and played in his room for about an hour. Then he got back into bed and went to sleep on his own. His room was trashed, but he took a nice long nap. I am so so proud of him.

On the baby front, there is not much to report. I am sending the doppler back tomorrow because I have not touched it since I couldn't find the hb. I just don't think it's worth it to add MORE fear. I am thinking that I am feeling movement now, but then I catch myself thinking "I could be imagining the whole thing. The baby could be dead, and I am imagining movement. How stupid will I look THEN?" UGH. 3 more weeks until my u/s and my next appointment.


At 11:42 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Glad to hear the toddler bed transition went well and that all is going well PG wise...

Sorry the doppler didn't end up feeling helpful. Hopefully regular movement will be kicking in and then you'll have a little more assurance... maybe??? Who am I kidding, I'm sure you'll be pretty worried every day.



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