Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Halfway Home

That's how my dr put it when we saw him yesterday. We are halfway home. I wanted to say "look man, we are MORE than halfway there, because you WILL induce me". I didn't though.

We had our anatomy u/s yesterday and everything looked perfect. The baby was completely uncooperative though, and it took the tech forever to be able to get her measurements. She couldn't get a shot of the baby's face because of both hands being in the way. Then she couldn't get the stomache because the baby kept moving. And then she couldn't find the bladder because it was EMPTY. She showed me where the cord inserted, and I totally ignored everything else that was said about the cord. Honestly, I don't want to hear about it because it scares the shit out of me. She tried to get a gender shot for us. This baby was NOT letting that happen. Seriously, I have ANOTHER stubborn one on my hands. Legs squeezed together at the thighs, and crossed at the ankels. She shook my belly over and over, and even had me sit up, and then lay back down, and the baby would squirm around (I could feel it moving the entire time) but kept the legs closed tight. She said if she HAD to guess, she would say girl, but she wouldn't say it for me because of my history. I told her this was the same thing BOTH of my boys did to me, and we were told they were both girls, and then at an u/s at 33 weeks, they showed their goods. I wouldn't have believed her if she HAD told me girl anyway.

I had an appointment with my dr immediately after the u/s with the tech (that's when he said we were halfway home). He asked me if we were able to find out the gender and I told him the baby would not cooperate, so he told me to make sure my next appointment was with him, and he would do a quickie u/s for me! I am really starting to like this dr!! So we will try again in 4 weeks. Oct. 30.


At 11:23 AM, Blogger delphi said...

Sounds quite excellent! I may borrow your phrase: "because you WILL induce me".


At 9:32 AM, Blogger lauralu said...

glad things are moving right along. may i respectfully recommend that you begin discussing early induction with your practitioner now? it took me months to get everyone to agree to it...

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Just wanted to say hi... Halfway to the next appt? This seems like a long 4 weeks (from my point of view!!)


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