Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The party is OVER!

So our neighbor seemed to be a generally good guy. He always said "Hi" when we passed, etc. But he had this horribly annoying habit of opening both doors to his apartment and sitting outside with his music playing. Fine, if that's what you enjoy, that's cool. But when it continues until around midnight, and all we hear in OUR apartment is the steady booming of bass, it gets OLD. Well he just moved out! I had no idea he was leaving. Apparently he told Billy a couple of days ago, but I had no clue. Of course now who KNOWS what kind of neighbors we are going to get. God I want my house back!

I realized today that I only have 2 cycles until we ttc. How scary is THAT? I have no REASON to be worried. We have always been VERY fertile. But I am worried (God I feel HORRIBLE for even typing that, I know SO MANY people that have been through infertility and are still going through it) I don't know if it's the fact that I breastfed Evan for a year, and am now on the pill, or what. Maybe it's because I just don't expect anything pregnancy related to be easy? Who knows. I am debating on refilling my RX of pills, or just stopping them and seeing what my next 2 cycles do. I always had an INSANELY regular cycle. I am talking 28 days with O on day 14 (O pains right on cue!) and 14 day LP. Even after Caleb was born it went right back to normal. Dh got back from Iraq on day 14, that's how Evan got here. But after Caleb I didn't worry about birth control. It wasn't even an issue at my 6 week pp appointment. My Dr. knew dh was in Iraq, and we wanted to try again when he got home so I had nothing altering my cycles. What if they ARE altered now??

My dh's cousin had her baby today. Can't remember the name, maybe Stella? She has like 4 names, and I think Georgina was one of them too. Just thankful she is ALIVE. (I don't say "healthy" anymore, Caleb was perfect and healthy in every way) That makes 3 babies in one week, and another stillborn mom due for her c-section on Thursday. LOTS of prayers for her.


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