Saturday, May 21, 2005

Want so badly to come up with something "catchy"

But let's face it, I am NOT a writer. So I have been researching online on becoming a medical transcriptionist (although as many times as I have had to hit the backspace key already I am not so sure that is a good idea). I heard about a couple of online programs that are supposedly good, but I pretty much thought they were all scams? Anyway I started to fill out the test for the one site, just mainly out of curiosity, and I really feel like a moron now. I am a high school grad, and that's it. Never had any desire to go further, never had a career in mind that felt right, so I never persued anything. So now I am 27 and feel like I have forgotten EVERYTHING I may have accidentally learned in high school. Can I actually make it through a course like this? Can I actually get IN a course like this. I am just mainly worried about the online programs being a waste of money. Dh works 4 days on and 4 days off, and they are never the same 4 days so I can't go to an actual school. His schedule doesn't allow it. The extra money would be good though, and in theory, once I get certified I would be able to work from home.

Anyway, dh went out tonite after work. I am not totally sure if I am ok with that or not. A bunch of the people he works with went to a bar, and one of them offered to see if her babysitter could take Evan too. I can't believe dh even considered it. There is no way I am trusting some person I have never met to take care of my child. Not only that, but the babysitter would have Evan AND a 2 month old. If Evan was at home, it wouldn't really be a big deal, he's asleep for the night after all, but NOT with someone I don't know. So anyway, right after Evan was in bed, dh starting acting like he REALLY wanted to go, so I just told him that if he really wanted to go, it was ok, I understood. But damn it, he wasn't supposed to actually GO.

I still haven't heard back from that mommy and me group. Jill, they have it set up through a yahoo group website and you have to be allowed in by the moderator, who has not even bothered to email me. They set up playdates etc. through email and exchange phone numbers and addresses and kids info. They keep the site for memebers only so they don't get lurkers showing up to the kids functions. Fucking snobs!!! Oh well, I wouldn't have kept quiet about Caleb EVER anyway, so I guess its good I found out how they are right from the start instead of having them just stop calling and including me like all my old friends did.


At 3:23 PM, Blogger vixanne wigg said...

Hi Julie,
I just saw your post to me on FF. I can't post my username and password for my blog on there. But if you e-mail me at I will give it to you.
PS. I live in the Richmond area. :)

At 5:43 PM, Blogger Jill said...

Julie, you don't give yourself enough credit - you write really well, you can spell, your grammar is better than probably 90% of the english-speaking world. So you should feel confident in any job that involves writing!

I'm sorry things are so scary in the world that the playgroups are so protected. There must be community playgroups though, that don't function like that? I hope there is and that it is easy to find!

Oh - and how are you supposed to feel when your DH is silly enough to NOT read between the lines when it is so obvious that they should?? In my experience they really don't realise that your offer isn't a straighforward genuine offer!! Just feel kinda sorry for him I guess!

At 6:02 PM, Blogger Jill said...

Hello again:)

Did you see these playgroups? They are held in churches but I would assume that is just for the sake of a large venue. Hope I'm not out of line with this:) I think I saw the one you emailed too - the 15 member limit one? GL!


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