Sunday, September 04, 2005

I know it could really be so much worse

So I feel like shit for complaining about my petty problems, knowing how much worse things could truley be. But I can't help myself. I really miss my house. Desperately. After listening to the neighbors booming bass all night, and people coming and going and POUNDING on their door, and then standing on the front doorstep (which we share with them) talking as loud as they possibly could all night long, I am just so sick of it. I truely can't stand these people. These are the same ones that can't park their huge Expedition (which they like to wash with a bucket at 11 pm, no water hose) that sits on it's 24 inch rims. I really really can't stand them. I just caught one of them putting trash in our trashcan. Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but this is a trashcan that we share with the family on the OTHER side of us, and once it's full, we have to go all the way to the one dumpster all the way at the far end of the complex. Oh and their music is still booming. I can hear it over the tv, and it shakes our walls. We were washing clothes a couple of days ago, and this woman comes over and BANGS on our door to ask if we are running water because she can hear it. Yesterday, the power kept flickering off and on, and she came back again to BANG on the door to see if it was happening here too. She is going to drive me nuts.

But I know alot of people don't even have walls to shake right now, or big giant Expeditions to wash............

The more I watch the CNN coverage of Katrina's aftermath, I wonder why they arent mentioning the fact that ALOT of the people stayed in New Orleans by choice. And I don't mean by choice because they didnt have the money. The thing is, when they evacuate, there will always be people that decide to stay thinking it won't be that bad, or they just simply don't want to leave their homes because they didn't know how long it would take them to get back. I think the damage is WAY beyond what any of them thought would happen. It doesn't matter why they stayed, as long as they get them the hell out of there. I am just sick of hearing everyone standing around blaming each other.

Another thing I am wondering, with all the mentions of babies not having formula, where the hell is Enfamil and Similac and all the other companies that make formula??? Why aren't they sending huge truckloads of the ready to serve formula?? Or are they and no one has mentioned it?

I DID donate what I could to the Red Cross through their website last night (which was always my plan anyway, that is who we usually donate to since we have had to depend on them before ourselves. They help military families get messages to each other, etc.). I am going through clothes, etc, and will have them ready when people are more able to take that type of donation since right now that they really want is money. I just wish I could do more.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

I have a friend who is a nurse in Houston. She is doing triage when she's not working her regular hours. If you'd like, I can send you her address for clothes donations, etc. :o)

And there's nothing wrong with complaining about your life stuff too. I think I'd go nutso if I still had neighbors that close. I am NOT a people person...especially when it comes to insensitive and obnoxious people like your neighbors. Hang in there kiddo.


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