Monday, November 21, 2005

I am so unbelievably mad right now. My dh has busted his ass at work all year long. He hasn't taken any leave except for the 4 days when we were moving, and the 4 days around Evan's b-day. (He can't get just one day off, he has to take an entire work string off). He is NEVER late to work, and even goes in on his days off to qualify in extra stuff. He asked for our anniversary off, and they came up with some excuse for why he couldn't have it, and of course they swore they would make it up to him. They have promised him for MONTHS that he would have Christmas off. The promised he would have leave, and we planned on going home. This is our first Christmas living away from our family. We had planned on going home and having Santa come to my mom's for Evan. We were going to do our Christmas shopping down there so we would already have Evan's stuff there and we wouldn't have to pack it all up and take it with us. Well today, they told dh he can't have his leave. This is bullshit. He has to work on Christmas now. I know that we could easily have Santa come on a different day. Evan is too young, and he won't know the difference. It's just that I am so tired of them pulling this shit on my dh. We had it all planned out and they just yanked it out from under us. They did agree to give him leave for the work string following Christmas which would give him from December 27th until January 7th off, and that gives him Caleb's birthday off (for the first time since he was born).

And of course my neice's b-day is also on Christmas, so we will miss that too. We always had Christmas dinner, and then we would all have cake and ice cream afterwards, and then she would open her b-day presents. This is her 10th b-day and I won't be there. Dh told me I could go, and spend Christmas down there and he would come down when he gets out of working, but I am not going to do that to him. It's not right to take Evan away from him for Christmas. The whole thing just SUCKS.


At 4:50 PM, Blogger Jill said...

That sucks big time. I would be irate as well. I hope you can work out something halfway festive ((hugs))


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