Thursday, January 26, 2006

So. Fucking. Tired.

We have been fighting with the baby monitor since we moved into this place. To be honest, we rarely used it in our house because Evan slept with us. Now that we are in a townhouse is when we need to use it constantly. It has woken me up at least once a night since we moved here because of the interference from the neighbors. And last night we couldn't use it at all. Every time I turned it on, the range alarm went off non stop, no matter where I was in the house. Nice huh? So I ended up sleeping with the bedroom doors open, and that means the cat was free to come into my room. Which also means that I woke up countless times with a cat on my head purring. And don't forget the kneading of my head.

And our back door won't open. The dead bolt spins when you put the key in, and it won't unlock. I called the main office yesterday, and someone was supposed to come "after lunch". Ummm, nope. So that means if I want to take the trash/ poopy diapers outside, I would have to walk out, around the building to our trashcan. Not a big deal, unless it's 30 degrees outside, and you have a toddler to drag with you. (we have a fenced in patio area, with our own trashcan, just out of the back door) And why is it, when you can't take the diapers outside, Evan poops 4 times in ONE day?? Good thing we stockpile Wal Mart bags.

We went out to eat Sunday with dh's cousin, his new (pg) wife, and his parents (dh's aunt and uncle, visiting from Ohio). I love seeing dh's Aunt and Uncle, but I despise his cousin's wife. I keep hoping for the baby's sake that it's just that she's really young, and that she will grow up once the baby is here, but I don't see it happening. They had to get a room mate because they were behind on bills, but they are moving to a new place this week that cost $100 more a month, and the room mate isn't coming with them. Then, I mentioned something about getting Evan a new carseat, and they asked for his old seat!! Ummm NO. For one thing, hopefully we are not done having kids, and second, if I want you to have it, I will offer. I have this feeling that not too long after she has the kid she is going to take off anyway, and he will probably never see his kid again. That's just the kind of vibe I get from her. They are moving to Va Beach, so we wont have to see them too much. I'm fine with that.


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