Sunday, June 18, 2006

Can I panic NOW?

I managed to find this site about the AFB's ob clinic, and I am sick to my stomach. I really can't tell you how strongly I feel about NOT going there.

"Orientation class:Enrollment class is held by appointment. You will be told where and at what time the class will be held. At this class you will start your prenatal records, receive prenatal vitamins, and your Tuberculosis test request form. You will receive information on nutrition, emotional and physical changes related to pregnancy and infant care. The class will last at least 3 hours. "

This has to be before my first appointment. Before I ever even get seen by a dr. *3 hours*??? WTF???

It also says something about most appointments being about 15 minutes long. So basically it sounds like you are rushed.

And THIS is the one that REALLY worries me.

"***Please leave your suitcase in your car until after delivery- there is very limited space in the labor area "

Of course this is all assuming that I actually HAVE this baby, but still, the thought of all of this makes me sick to my stomache. How the hell do I get out of THIS one?


At 12:20 PM, Blogger kate said... are on your 4th pregnancy and they think you need a 3-hour orientation class? NOT.

I am hoping hoping hoping that someone will refer you to a civilian high-risk doctor. Because this shit is ridiculous.


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