Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dh is working over night tonight. Happy Father's day, right? He spent most of the day sleeping so he can stay up all night, and when he got up, Evan was taking his nap.

I took Evan to the park this morning to meet my friend Angel and her dd. We decided to go early before it got too hot, or crowded, and walk the one mile track, then let the kids play. It was so nice to be out of the house. And I am sure Evan agreed. (of course someone has been to the park with cans of spraypaint and painted on almost every peice of equipment there is, including a HUGE "I fuck livestock" on the beautiful brick walkway. Thank God Evan can't read yet.) Angel is also a military wife, and her dh is stationed at the Air Force base I am supposed to go to for ob appointments. I got to find out a few things about it, and I am not so sure I like what I have learned. First off, she said that every time she went, they had always lost her records, so she told me to keep copies of everything. Great. Just what I want. I get to explain about having a m/c and about Caleb at EVERY appointment. She also told me that I will deliver at the AFB if I stay with that ob clinic. The issue with THAT is, if they are full, you have to go somewhere else. And they are apparently, usually full. Not to mention, they are at least 30 minutes away.

I really don't know what to think. I had an ob in SC who was in a practice ALONE. I knew all five of the people (including her) that worked in her office, and they all knew me (and what happened to Caleb). I just don't think I can handle seeing a different person every time I go to a dr. How will I ever trust the care I am getting from any of them, when it really doesnt seem like a priority? I call tomorrow to try to get an appointment (again) and I guess we go from there, but I just really can't stand all of this uncertainty. Hopefully I will know more tomorrow.


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