Monday, June 19, 2006

Well, I managed to make an appointment at the ob clinic. July 19th. Another fucking MONTH. Of course that will put me at 9 weeks, so I guess it's not all that bad, but at the same time, it feels like a lifetime away. It's the "orientation" appointment. The receptionist told me to expect to be there at least 3 hours. WTF can we possibly need to be there for *3 hours* for? He said that they would do bloodwork while we were there, but that was really all he said. Of course I figured out the days, and dh is working on the 19th. The next available appointment when dh is off is the following week. I just can't wait ANOTHER week. There is just no way. So Angel has offered to watch Evan at her house while I am at the appointment. I told her she had no clue what she is asking for. He has never been left with a babysitter. Never. Add that to the fact that the appointment is at nap time, and she may have a huge problem on her hands.


My in-laws were supposed to be coming to spend some time with us this week. My dh said they wanted us to reserve them a hotel room (our apartment is small, so it's more comfortable for them. Works for me since last time they stayed here, mil kept bumping my thermostat on the a/c back to *70*........and WE had to pay for it.) Well the other night, after I went to be, he jumped online and reserved a room. I had no idea he was going to do it. He told me about it the next day, and also told me he put it on our debit card. Then he tells me what hotel it was. He didn't know where the hotel was, but reserved it anyway. It was NOT in a place where you would WANT to stay. So he tried to cancel the room. And they tried to charge our account the full price of the room + $25 + taxes. I was furious. There is no way we can afford an extra $100+ from our bank account. So we just left it alone, and figured if his parents got there, and didn't like the room, they could cancel it themselves. This morning, his mom called. They aren't coming. The reservation has to be cancelled. She is sending us the money, but OMG I am furious about the whole thing.


The glass people were here earlier to fix the crack in the windsheild on the van. The crack spread when he tried to fix it. The whole windsheild now needs to be replaced before I can get the inspection done on the van. When I called the insurance company back to tell her to change the claim, she actually said to me "I have never heard of that happening." I asked what she meant, and she said she had never heard of the crack getting worse when they tried to fix it. She knew it COULD happen, just hadn't ever heard from someone that had it happen to them. Glad to be the first.


At 4:56 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Talk about hitting all the odds. sheesh
I'm sorry that the clinic is making you wait so long to be seen, I know how frustrating that is. Still excited though!


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