Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I am trying to get better about posting. I really am. Halloween went well. The original plan was for my friend J and her 18 month old dd to come to my house after J got off of work, and then we were going to drive to a nice neighborhood behind her house to Trick or Treat. Dh was working days, but sometimes he doens't get home until 7pm, so he was going to try to find us when he got home. J got here, and we decided to put her dd's carseat in my van, and then we were going to take Evan's wagon for the kids to ride in between houses. While we were getting the kids dressed and diapers changed, dh came home. He watched the kids while we installed the carseat and loaded the wagon and diaper bags into the van. I noticed there were several kids Trick or Treating around our apartment courtyard, and so I ran into the house and told dh to take the kids around our courtyard while we finished getting ready to leave. Dh came back over to us when he had gone around our courtyard, and the kids had a ton of candy already! We decided that since there seemed to be so many trick or treaters right here, we would just stay at my apartments instead of going to the other neighborhood. (so much for installing the carseat!!) The kids had a blast!! I think J's dd loved the wagon ride more than anything else. Evan was all about the candy. He did great at first, saying "Trick or Treat" at every house, but after awhile, he started just reaching into the bowls to take his OWN candy! It was hilarious. It took him no time at all to figure out we only go to the doors with the light on, and he loved to knock on the doors. The kids (and the adults) were worn out by the time we were done!! It was fun though. Hopefully I got some good pics (not sure about that yet!)


At 11:45 AM, Blogger kate said...

Pictures! We demand pictures!! Which costume did Evan wear?

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Julie said...

I let him choose, and he went with the bug. It was TOO cute!!


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