Friday, June 23, 2006

First appointment

I had my appointment with the nurse this morning. I was absolutely terrified. Last night, I had the tiniest pink spot when I wiped. Just that once. No cramping or anything, just that damn spot. So by the time the appointment got here this morning, I was a nervous wreck.
When I got there, I had to meet with the financial manager in the practice before anything else. (I fucking hate military insurance more and more by the minute!) I had to sign a wavier saying that my insurance only allows for one ultrasound, unless more are medically necessary. Any others will be out of pocket. Do you honestly think that THAT is going to stop me from getting a chance to see the baby and see that everything is ok?? FUCK NO. I signed the wavier. Then she went on to give me my vitamin samples, and magazines, and all of that other crap (the whole time I am thinking of how we could easily be wasting our time on a baby that isn't even going to live, and thinking of that damn spot.) She asked me if I wanted to sign up with Enfamil, and I basically told her no way in hell. Getting off of their mailing list once is more than enough for me, thank you.
So then I went back to the nurse. I told her about the spotting, and she really didn't seem to think I should be worried (and I guess I actually SHOULDN'T be) but if it came back, to call them and let them know. She got my history, which is ALWAYS fun. One thing that really bugged me is that she seemed really thrown off by stillbirth. It was like she didn't have a clue how she needed to put it in the computer. She asked several questions more than once, and just really seemed scatterbrained about it. I can't imagine that I am the ONLY one. This practice deals with high risk pg, so why would she be so thrown off. She asked all of the details of Evan's birth (date, weight, even his name) and with Caleb, she just asked how many weeks I was. That was it. I have the feeling that later on, a dr will want to know the missing info on Caleb, but that's just weird that she didn't ask today.
She drew blood, and we went through all of the papers I had been given about pregnancy (all of the basic stuff). Then I was on my way. My next appointment is July 14th, when I get my first u/s.
I don't have a plan so far, but don't really expect to have one until I see a dr at my next visit. I was given a schedule today of when I will have my appointments, but it is just the regular pg schedule. I am not sure if I will get to have NST's this time, or extra appointments, but I guess I will find out soon.
I am still not 100% happy with this practice, but it's a hell of a lot better than the alternative. I don't think it's possible to find another dr I loved as much as the one I had in SC. Now if we can just get to Febuary.......


At 7:28 AM, Blogger Julie said...

I guess it was too much for me to expect a quick peek with the u/s. Now I'm frustrated. I can imagine how bent you must feel, but you seem rather relaxed which is good. Hoping the spot was just a nothing and that the next gazillion weeks are uneventful and wonderful!

At 9:01 PM, Blogger R said...

"Now if we can just get to February..." ;) You and me both!

One day at a time! That's our new motto!


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