Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Quick Update

I have been so bad about updating lately, I thought I would take advantage of Evan being glued to Little Einsteins and post. I have been feeling so bad, all day, every day, that I haven't really wanted to do anything but lay around on the couch. I jump on the computer and manage to read my emails (notice I didn't say reply to them). and maybe read a few blogs, and then it's back to the couch. I am sicker this time than I was with both boys, but still not actually throwing up. My u/s is Friday, and the nerves are not helping at all. Part of me feels like there is absolutely no reason to worry, and that this baby is growing, and has a beating heart. The other part of me wants to laugh hysterically. Why should *I* be so lucky? We will see in another 3 days.


I got a call from my friend J last night. It was right as I was sitting down to eat (or at least attempt to) and honestly, I considered not answering the phone. When I answered, she sounded like she had a really bad cold. The first thing she asked was whether or not the army base has an urgent care center. I figured it was for her dd (she has a 15 month old) because J doesn't go to dr's. J is active duty Navy, and they are required to go to a clinic in Norfolk for EVERYTHING. (while dependents have a LITTLE more freedom, but not much) They try to keep active duty military close to their base (not their home) when it comes to medical care. It was already past 7pm, so I told her they do have an urgent care, but I was pretty sure it closed at 7. So then she says, "I think I need to go to the dr, and it might be an emergency." At that point, I realized she didn't have a cold, she had been crying. She told me that she was pg, and bleeding. Alot. She said she had major back pains, and was bleeding as heavy as a period. FUCK. She was on the pill, and she took a HPT, but it was negative. So yesterday, she took another one (since by that point, she was 4 days late) and it was a BFP. But then she started bleeding. She called the clinic she is supposed to go to (this was while she was still at work) and they told her to "call back if it got worse". I know there wasn't anything they could really do for her, but wtf is "call back if it gets worse" when she was already bleeding like a period??
So when she got home from work, she called me. I told her to go to the ER, and which hospital to go to (the one I will be delivering at). I asked her if she needed me to watch her dd, but she said her dh was coming home to get her, and they would take dd with them. I told her to call me and let me know what happened, but I haven't heard anything from her yet. This really sucks. I absolutely love J, and can't stand the thought of her losing her innocence too.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger SaraS-P said...

Why does the medical establishment treat M/C with such a casual attitude??? That is so horrible for your friend. She must be terrified. Let us know how it goes. People will be pulling for her, as bleak as the prospects may seem.

Good luck with your ultrasound Friday. Thinking positive thoughts for both you and your friend.

At 12:36 PM, Blogger MB said...

Any word from her?


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