Monday, August 27, 2007

Quick update

I have no excuses for not posting, so I am not even going to try to make one up. Here's a quick update though, just in case I have some readers left.

Dh is now DONE with shore duty. He is checking out of his command this week, and then he has a month on leave. Then starting in October, he goes to school (for the Navy). He reports to his ship on December 26th. I am torn. I am glad that he is done with his current command because he HATED it there. The schedule was HELL. I am thrilled he will be working a NORMAL schedule now, but he will be on a ship, which means deployments. I am so not looking forward to that, especially not with 2 small kids. But if I managed to survive the deployment in 2003 (dh was deployed for 6 months the day after Caleb's funeral), I can survive any other deployment. Luckily the ship he is going to is deployed right now, so chances are, he won't be going anywhere any time soon.

We are moving to a new apartment this weekend. I have absolutely nothing packed. I tried to pack, and Evan wouldn't leave the stuff alone, and was climbing in the boxes, etc, so I gave up. Luckily we are staying in the same apartment complex and just getting a bigger apartment, so we don't really have to pack all that well. We are just moving one courtyard over. I can't WAIT.

Lauren had her 6 month appointment last week. We got there, and we are always on time, but the second you get there, they call you back to get vitals. I never have Lauren undressed (they want you to strip them down to a diaper in the waiting room, you don't get to wait in an exam room and the dr comes to you like most places) so I automatically feel rushed. Then Evan is talking to EVERYONE, and getting in other babies faces, and not listening to me AT ALL. I finally took Lauren out of the stroller so I could put Evan in. Oh and he had to pee as soon as we got there and the FIRST thing he does in the bathroom is say "What's this" as he reaches up and pulls the emergency cord!! So he sets the alarm off and nurses come running from all directions. I wanted to DIE. Of course then we go back out to the waiting room and goes on and on about how he pulled the string and it made bells ring. So I totally forgot how much Lauren weighed, and how long she was by this point and had to ask the dr to tell me again. She is 15lbs, 2oz, and 26 inches long. She has fallen from the 50% to 25% so now her dr wants to increase her dose of Pravacid just in case her reflux is causing her to not gain enough. What I am wondering though is most 6 month olds are eating solids and have been for awhile, so it seems like that could be past of the cause of her being so small? I don't know. Anyway, we will increase her dose of Prevacid, and go back in a month to see how she is doing. Oh and she had 2 shots and the rotovirus vaccine, and she didn't care about the shots at all. She cried when we held her down, but that was it. So now I am stressed as hell, and feel like I should be force feeding her. I get all panicky when she doesn't want to eat. She's doing well, and she IS growing, but I just have that doubt there now. I guess we will see what happens when we go back for her follow up.

Evan's behaviour has gotten horrible lately. I dont know what is going on, but he has decided now that if something is wrong, he will cry. He keeps saying he's a baby. I know it's a jealousy thing, but it just seems weird that he should regress like this 6 months after Lauren was born? I'm trying to make sure we have extra one on one time, and I hold him as much as he will let me. He still adores Lauren though, and still loves to kiss and her and hug her.

We have finally joined a church. We started going a few months ago, but with dh's schedule, we missed several sundays. Evan loves it, and loves going to class. The congregation is very welcoming, and we feel at home there. I still have alot of issues with God, and my faith needs ALOT of work, but I want my kids to be raised in the church, so we are going.

And for your viewing pleasure................. (just because it's hilarious and so so scary at the same time)